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How much will IRONOLOGY® charge me for ironing my items?

We charge £18 per hour, with a minimum charge of £25. Payment will be taken upon delivery of the item and you may pay cash or card.

What type of items will IRONOLOGY® iron?

Our team will iron all clothing items, bedding and curtains. If you want to check whether we’ll iron a specific item, you can call us on 01926 832630 or email at and a member of the team will be happy to answer your questions.

How long will it take for my items to be returned to me?

Your freshly ironed items will be returned to you within 24 hours of collection. In exceptional circumstances, for instance if a customer requires a very large amount of items to be ironed, a 24 hour turnaround may not be possible. If this is the case, we’ll always make you aware.

Where will IRONOLOGY® collect my items from?

An IRONOLOGY® team member will collect from a home address or a place of work.

How can I find out if IRONOLOGY® operates in my area?

Please visit our booking page, to find your nearest IRONOLOGY® franchise.

How can I become an IRONOLOGY® team member?

We currently have franchise opportunities open for those interested in work which fits around their lifestyle.

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